Tragedies strike without notice and at any time, and the borzoi community has a long history of pulling together to support our own in times of greatest need. We are fortunate to already have a dedicated 501(c)3 rescue to support our borzoi, but when a member of our community is affected by hardship or tragedy, we haven’t had a similar ability to provide aid for those members while also deducting those donations or contributions to our tax benefit.

After spirited discussion across numerous borzoi fanciers, and in other breeds with an interest in the welfare of their friends,the Board of Borzoi Health and Welfare Foundation decided that creating a policy or set of guidelines on when to provide aid, why, how, and how much is an impossible task. It’s unrealistic to imagine that we could anticipate every circumstance, or to conceive of being in a position to establish guidelines to judge who is worthy for aid, and when.

Instead, we’ve decided to leave it up to YOU.

The BHWF will work with any friends who feel that a member of our community needs our support. We will help organize auctions, and take donations of cash and goods and provide the benefit of 501(c)3 donation guidelines for the donors.
100% of the funds raised by any fundraiser for an individual will be provided to that individual.

YOU decide who, when, and how much, and we will do everything we can to help.